Selling a Boat - The Process

At Busfield we’ve being selling used boats for over 30 years and are here to provide expert advice and to make your life easier when it comes to selling your boat. Combined, our brokers Steve Raea and Colin Rees have over 100 years of sailing and sales experience. We go the extra mile to help you get your boat ready for sale and to make the process simple for all parties.

The process for selling a boat can include the six steps described here:

1. You’ve decided to sell and now its time to prepare your boat

Having your boat in great condition really makes the difference when it comes to selling. Our brokers can advise on the specifics and if you don't want to spruce up the boat yourself, we can refer a grooming and staging service to help show your boat in the best possible light.

Getting your boat ready doesn't have to cost much and can include simple things like:
  • Clean the interior, clean and polish the hull and decks, and tidy all lockers
  • Remove all unnecessary items so that the boat is not cluttered
  • Clean and dry bilges, especially under the engine
  • Clean the engine and remove rust
  • Make sure the underwater is in good condition
  • Check fittings open and close easily
  • Ensure all interior and exterior lights are working

2. Determine the asking price

We believe that every boat will sell if it is well maintained and priced correctly. To help you get that sale our brokers will apply their knowledge and expertise to determine a fair asking price.

We will inspect your boat before commenting on the value and then discuss this with you so a price can be agreed with you.

3. Authority to sell agreement

If you want to sell your boat with Busfield we will draw up the ‘Authority to Sell Agreement’ for signature. You can choose us as your ‘General’ or ‘Sole Agency’ - the decision is yours. Most vendors prefer to list as a sole agency, as this gives them the benefit of working with the dedicated sales team, who will go the extra mile for you. Busfield Marine then controls the listing, enabling us to get you the highest possible price the market will pay.


4. Preparing the boat specs

You know your boat best so we’ll work with you to prepare the boat specifications so we can showcase all that makes your boat great and highlight aspects which make it a fantastic buy.

And don’t forget the photos. Good quality images of your boats interior and exterior will help you get that sale you’re looking for. Busfield Marine use professional photography, and along with staging this ensures your vessel is shown in the best possible light. We usually ask you for your favourite photo of your vessel at anchor and include this in the marketing.

5. Marketing

Your boat is now fully prepped and ready for its marketing strategy.
Our Westhaven Marina sales berths

We advertise widely on boating websites and print media so your boat can be seen by the most relevant audience.

This includes:
  • Listings in , Yachthub, TradeMe and our own website
  • Advertising in Boating New Zealand
  • At our waterfront office, based in one of the most high profile locations at Westhaven 
  • Sales berth in Westhaven Marina
  • Email to potential buyers in our large database of contacts

6. You have a buyer and it’s time to close the deal

Once we’ve found a buyer we conduct the sale on your behalf. We are members of the New Zealand Marine Industry Association and follow their guidelines as follows:
  • The Sale and Purchase Agreement is drawn by Busfield and signed by yourself and the purchaser. Once signed, a deposit is paid by the purchaser and held in our trust account. The yacht is then under a conditional sale to the purchaser.
  • In most situations a survey and sea trial is carried out. You as the seller pay the cost of the haul out. The cost of the surveyor is the responsibility of the Purchaser.
  • With international sales, be they in New Zealand or offshore, we can offer the advice on vessel registration and import fees and protect all parties during this process.
  • In most situations a survey, mechanical inspection and sea trial is carried out. The purchaser pays the cost of the haul out, mechanical inspection and survey.
  • If the survey finds that the vessel is seriously defective or unsound the purchaser may ask you to remedy the defect or cancel the agreement and the deposit will be returned. The deposit may also be returned to the purchaser if the yacht is found to be unsatisfactory for purpose on sea trial. However in most cases a fair compromise can be reached and the sale will then be completed.
  • Once the purchaser accepts the yacht and the sale becomes unconditional the deposit becomes part payment for the yacht.
  • Upon completion of the sale we will provide you with a full breakdown of paperwork and the agreed figure will be transferred to you, less the commission stated in the contract. This is payable when the sale is unconditional.

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